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Facilities Added During Last Quarter

– Infrared Thermometer

– Spray Pump for Disinfection

– Sodium Hypochloride Solution

– Sanitizer

The college has well equipped library and reading room with more than 4500 books. There are 09 National and International Journals subscribed by the college.

Art and Craft Resource Centre
A well equipped art & craft resource centre is established in college .All the possible facilities & opportunities extended to our students to engrave their minds & creativity.

ICT & ET Resource Centre
To keep pace with development in teaching –learning methods with the help of computer /internet and technology A.S.E. college of Education has well equipped ICT and ET resource center with around 30 computers, slide projector, overhead projector, LCD television transparencies, slides of standard quality .

Curriculum Laboratory
The college has curriculum laboratory equipped with visual aids and models, Textbooks of school subjects and resource materials.

Psychology Resource centre.
The psychology resource centre of the college is provided with apparatus for simple experiments related to educational psychology such as intelligence test creativity test attitude test and aptitude test. The psychology resource centre fulfills the purpose of equipping the teacher trainers with the knowledge of the Tools and equipments used for assessing the psychological traits and further the skill of using the equipments and drawing inferences from the results.

Science Resource centre
The college has well equipped science resource center to facilitate teacher trainees to enhance their teaching skills through experiments, demonstrations and live presentations. The necessary equipments and materials are made accessible to the teacher trainees as and when required experiments consuming with the subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics up to 12th standard are available for the teacher trainees for practice.

Health and Physical Education Resource centre
The college possesses a fully equipped Health and Physical education resource center and a vast playground. The resource center is equipped with items like carom, chess, Badminton rackets, nets and shuttle cocks, Footballs, Volley Ball and Charts etc.

Language Laboratory
The college has well equipped language lab with audio system and computer. There are 21 headsets and 10 units for students and 1 Master Console with amplifier for the teachers. Related material has been added which caters to the needs of various categories of students. The Language lab also has internet connection.

Other Facilities

  1. – Seminar Room- A well equipped and large Seminar room.
  2. – Multipurpose Hall- A well equipped Multipurpose Hall with modern devices, public address system covering an area of 3528.36 square feet provide the excellent opportunity of performing cultural functions, seminars, workshops and such others.
  3. – Playground- for playing different types of outdoor games