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Message from Chairman's Desk

It gives me incredible delight to welcome every one of you to A.S.E. College of Education, Bhopal. I am glad that you have chosen this institution to mould and shape your future. A.S.E. College of Education was incepted in the year 2014 and it has earned a strong academic reputation in a very short span. The college aspires to contribute in building an economically stable and socially developed nation, to do so it banks on the confluence of diverse contemporary knowledge, life coping skills and excellence in teaching with quality as the defining element in their harmonious blending. I am happy to state that all the members of college are active players in the sustenance of an ambience conducive to quality within the college. I am sure that the culture of the institution will propel each one of you to reach unreachable heights, encourage and motivate you to shape your destinies. May this institution be a land of opportunities and discoveries for you, so that you may discover who you are, what you want in life and how to achieve it. May you have a joyful learning and adapting experience in this institution.

Sultan Alam Khan